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Power & Strength training with strongman champion, Joe Carini.


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Pumping Iron with the Stars

What do Larry Johnson of the Kansas City Chiefs, Tiki Barber, formerly of the New York Giants, and Ronde Barber of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have in common? Along with being multiple Pro Bowlers, they all work out with famed strength trainer of New Jersey Joe Carini.... read more

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For inquiries about pricing, please call Joe Carini (973-934-8432)  or stop by the gym!

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Become Strong as Humanly Possible with Joe Carini

  • Record-setting 6x NJ Strongman Champion
  • Trains NFL athletes to become their strongest
  • Personal training for Amateur, College & High School athletes
  • Hardcore facilities, now in 2 locations

Visit Carini’s House of Iron and unleash the beast within!


Personalized Training

Training for speed? Power? Raw unbridled strength? Joe Carini will custom tailor a fitness program based on your goals!

Gain Speed & Power in the Off-Season

Want to CRUSH the competition next season? Joe will help you transform into an absolute beast on the field!

High School, College, & Pro Athletes

Carini’s House of Iron forges champions at the high school, university, & NFL level.

Best Equipment

Power racks, atlas stones, logs, sandbags, tackling dummies, sleds, sledge hammers and Custom Carini equipment!

Paramus Address
20 Powers Dr
Paramus, NJ 07652

Pine Brook Address:
321 Changebridge Rd
Pine Brook, New Jersey